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11 Tips for Knee Pain Relief!

There are many things that can help you get rid of that very agonizing and debilitating knee pain. Whether it may be a consequence of prolonged illness, any recent or remote injury, or simply due to aging, you can undertake certain very simple-to-do modalities to get some kind of pain relief. Here, we are listing some top 11 tips for knee pain relief which you can try or avoid as suggested:-

  1. Avoid Too Much Resting: If you believe that resting too much or sitting in one place for too long will help ease your knee pain, you’re wrong. It may lead to weakness in your leg muscles causing further pain. Do try some frequent stretching or light exercise that will help ease the stiffness of muscles. If you’re unsure, ask an expert physical therapist for help.

  2. Do Make Room for Some Cardio Exercises: For achieving greater flexibility and to strengthen your range of motion of the knee joint, cardio exercises such as swimming, stationary cycling, aerobics, or even walking are helpful in easing the joint stiffness.

  3. Do Avoid Any Inadvertent Falling: There is a greater tendency of an unstable or painful knee for an inadvertent fall. Avoid walking barefoot or walking on slippery surfaces and even walking in the dark to avoid suffering any fall which may further worsen your condition. Use handrails when climbing stairs, and use turdy furniture only to reach shelves placed high above the ground.

  4. Do Follow RICE Protocol: You can ease your minor knee pain by following the RICE protocol, i.e., resting followed by icing followed by compression, and finally elevation of the knee. Take some rest, use a cooling pad or ice pack followed by wearing a compression garment to help with any swelling, and finally lie down with your knees elevated.

  5. Do Keep Track of Your BMI: In case your BMI falls in the category of being overweight, you certainly need to pay attention to keep your weight down. You can help your knee remain stress free which is caused by the excess weight of your body. You must maintain ideal body weight to ensure that your knees last long.

  6. Don't Shy From Using A Walker: If you need some external support for ambulation, don’t shy away from using a walker or crutches to help you keep stable while walking.

  7. Acupuncture Techniques May Help: Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique involving insertion of small needles in certain areas to help relieve the pain. You can try this technique to obtain some knee pain relief.

  8. Do Check Your Shoe Gear: A better quality shoe gear with cushioned insoles can help relieve the stress on your knees. If needed, check with a specialist for necessary shoe modifications that you may need.

  9. For Any Injury, Use Cold and Hot Packs as Directed: After any severe injury to your knees, you must use cold packs 3 to 4 times a day for the initial couple of days to avoid swelling and relieve pain. Afterwards, you should try warming things up using hot pads to restore joint movement. Talk to an orthopedist who can give you the best advice.

  10. Avoid High-Impact Exercises: You should not do any high-impact exercises with ongoing knee pain which may further cause damage to your knee. Jumping, running, and kickboxing type of exercises should be a big ‘No.’

  11. Talk to an Expert Orthopedist for Continued Debilitating Knee Pain: To prevent any further damage, you should talk to our expert orthopedist at 1 Health who has great experience and expertise behind his back to timely treat any such conditions and not allowing for any further damage to one of your most crucial joints, i.e., your knees.

We at 1 Health have a panel of experts to fully assess the condition before jotting down the best treatment plan to help ease your knee pain. Visit us now for a consultation to inquire about the strategies that can truly benefit you.


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