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15 Different Conditions That Can Make Your Teeth Hurt

Eating, speaking, smiling – all necessitate the health of your beautiful pearly whites! Your body uses teeth for many tasks, so it is important to maintain them. People have different dental needs based on their age, personality, and oral health history. Most dental problems are easy to avoid with proper care. Understanding common dental problems can help you take care of your oral health.

There can be varied reasons why your teeth may start hurting. From poor oral hygiene to pregnancy to wrong brushing etc.; there can be many conditions that can make your teeth hurt. Let us look at some of these below.

15 Different Conditions That Can Make Your Teeth Hurt

  1. Clenching to cope with stress: Do you often clench your jaw while under stressful situations? Well! If done frequently, this can affect your teeth!

  2. Smoking: Not all mouth issues are caused by poor oral health habits- some are caused by bad decisions like smoking. Your mouth is home to your teeth; smoking damages them similarly to a firefight home to your lungs.

  3. Eating foods high in nicotine: This can cause similar damage to tobacco smoke.

  4. Eating too much junk food: What’s on your plate can define your tooth state! A too acidic diet can lead to a bad tooth condition.

  5. Overdoing mouthwashes: You guessed it right! The surplus of everything is bad, even good habits!

  6. Too much exercise: Yes! Even this can cause some amount of damage to your teeth as exercise alters the amount of saliva in the mouth.

  7. When you are Sinus-hit: If your upper back tooth is aching, it may be a result of a sinus infection.

  8. Baby on the way! Strange but true, even pregnancy can make you prone to more cavities and other dental conditions.

  9. Jammed jaw: This can be due to some injury or conditions like arthritis etc.

  10. Nerve damage: This condition is rare and affects some percentage of people.

  11. Hearth problem: Pain in the upper body can be a symptom of some heart problems. You can even feel the discomfort in your teeth as well.

  12. Too much whitening: Using bleach or other whiteners frequently can wear off your teeth' enamel. So, be wary and reduce the frequency of such whitening treatments.

  13. Receding gums: This usually happens in gum disease, when your gums start receding.

  14. You may need a Cancer check: Don’t panic, this is very rare. Sometimes, when the toothache doesn’t go away, then you may go for testing.

  15. You are low on H2O: Sometimes, when you do not drink ample water as needed by your body, it can bring your teeth trouble.

Dental care is essential for healthy teeth and gums. Regular dental checkups help you stay healthy both in and out of the dental office. Maintenance visits to a worthy dental center like 1Health are essential for healthy teeth and overall oral hygiene standards. Regular checkups prevent common dental problems such as cavities and gum disease.


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