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3 Most Common Causes of Sciatica - Hip Or Lower Back Pain

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Our specialists at 1 Health Medical Centre develop treatment plans for our patients every day with the purpose of eliminating chronic pain. No doubt sports injuries are probably the most frequent affliction we help in treating. Nonetheless, there are many other common concerns in the landscape of orthopedic medicine. And one significant issue that a lot of patients face is sciatica.

At the very least, most people have heard the word before. However, the majority of them are unaware that the term “sciatica” does not refer to a diagnosis. Rather, it’s in fact one of the symptoms of a much severe spinal condition. Nevertheless, it’s exceptionally painful, greatly reduces the quality of life in those afflicted and also results in immense discomfort. In this post, we’ll understand the most common causes of sciatica and even explore their symptoms, as well.

Firstly, What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a shocking, distinctively-sharp pain that starts either in the lower back or hip. Later, it begins to travel down to the back of the thigh, buttocks and in some cases, the calf as well. Like several other conditions, sciatica’s effects can be generally tolerable and mild.

Nonetheless, it could also be severe to the point where the pain is exhausting. When a spinal nerve gets irritated, it induces this pain and then starts radiating the sensation throughout the body. But, the original source of the irritation may vary. Spinal epidural injections could prove effective, but simply a temporary way to ease the pain.

Here’s 3 commonly reported reasons that indicate that you may be suffering from sciatica pain:

1. Herniated Disc

Pockets of soft cartilage (intervertebral discs) present between each of the spine’s vertebrae, helps in absorbing the numerous shocks that our spinal columns experience everyday. These happen when we’re performing even the most elementary physical tasks. Also, they’re particularly crucial to our health as we disperse most of our weight to the lower back area whenever we stand or walk.

That being said, when we end up damaging one or more of these discs, they start protruding into the spinal canal. Usually, pieces of the disc will get in contact with the spinal nerve, placing exorbitant pressure on it. Resulting in intense, burning pain that defines sciatica.

2. Spinal Stenosis

To put it simply, your spine is built with a column of bones that gives support to your upper body. Inside this column lies a network of nerves that run through the vertebrae, carrying signals from your brain to the other parts of your body.

The bones covering these nerves protect them from impact or damage. If something affects them, it could have a negative impact on simple motor functions like running or walking.

Spinal stenosis happens when the spinal column gets narrow and begins to compress the cord. Generally, it’s a very gradual process. In some cases, spinal stenosis could be so narrow that it doesn’t show any symptoms. Nevertheless, too much narrowing becomes painful and problematic, and could lead to sciatica.

3. Osteoarthritis

This condition occurs when our soft tissue, joints, and bones start eroding with injury or old age. And similar to other joints within our bodies, our spine’s facet joints are the most susceptible to osteoarthritis.

When they’re experiencing inflammation, pressure, or irritation the network of nerves within close proximity could feel it as well. Nonetheless, sometimes bone spurs develop and start exerting pressure on nerve roots, resulting in sciatica.

Treat Your Sciatica Today at 1 Health Medical Centre

Above anything, we’re extremely passionate about healing our patients. Of course, getting rid of the discomfort and pain from conditions like sciatica is one of our top priorities. Therefore, if you’re experiencing sciatica pain, the most effective step you can take in order to recover is to avoid postponing your treatment and make an appointment.

If you’re looking for an orthopedist in Bangalore for consultation with respect to your sciatica pain please can get in touch with 1Health Medical Center. Our expert Orthopedist will make all the required observations, prescribe the right tests, and eventually use the test results to arrive at a treatment plan which will allow you to mitigate the problem.


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