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4 Medical Benefits of Using Braces - Teeth Straightening

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

In this modern age, Braces have become a general treatment for both adults and teenagers who desire a straighter, more beautiful looking smile. Although having an attractive smile is nice, there are also several medical benefits of using braces, some of them may even surprise you!

Medical Benefits Of Braces

1. Improved Bite

While one of the main reasons behind getting braces is to correct crooked teeth, they are also beneficial in correcting poorly aligned bites. A “bite” is the dental term used for explaining how your lower and upper teeth fit together. When you have gaps between your bite from poorly aligned or missing teeth, it can definitely have an impact on your ability to break down food, a crucial part of healthy digestion. A bite that is poorly aligned can impact an individual’s ability to properly chew and even to eat.

If crooked teeth are left untreated, a misaligned bite can cause a lot of pain as your jaw has to work extra hard to chew; which could result in Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder, lockjaw, and headaches related to jaw pain, all of which may need complicated medical and dental treatment.

2. Improved Alignment of the Jaw

Jaw misalignment or overcrowded teeth can also cause some speech impediments. However, the good news is that orthodontic treatments can help in the correction of both palate and jaw alignment that could be the cause of the speech impediments. During the orthodontic treatment procedure, an expander may be used in order to widen the palate before placement of braces.

Some benefits of expansion in your palate could be potential improvement in sinus and ear issues, lessened snoring, and better breathing. In reality, getting your jaw properly aligned could also change the way you look by bringing your face into proper proportions.

3. Better Oral Care Habits

When you have misaligned and crowded teeth, it tends to become harder to clean. Some parts of the tooth could also be hiding behind another tooth, making it impossible to brush and floss. When teeth can’t be cleaned properly, bacteria starts to build up, which can lead to cavities and gum disease. By getting your crowded teeth straightened, the good effects of being able to floss and brush properly, will begin to show.

It is important to follow good oral care and cultivate habits like using mouthwash, brushing twice a day, and flossing daily. The need for good oral care becomes even more important for those with braces to prevent gum disease, staining of teeth, and bad breath. While using braces, extra care needs to be taken to properly floss and brush around and between the wires and brackets. This can help in creating new habits that, along with frequent visits to the dentist, will lead to improved habits that will last a lifetime.

4. More Confidence

Being confident, it has shown, leads to better overall success in life. When people start hiding their smile due to embarrassment, they automatically reduce their chances to take the risks that may be required to ask for a promotion, or to go after a top job. When an individual is no longer embarrassed by their smile, they naturally feel extra confident, which in turn is known to lead to greater productivity, more happiness, better health, and less social anxiety.

With better oral care habits, improved function of your smile, and the resulting improvement in one’s confidence, it’s obvious that the medical benefits of braces will play an important role in shaping your social life as well.

At 1 Health Medical Centre, we pride ourselves in having helped numerous patients smile with confidence!! Consult with us when an orthodontic problem becomes a matter of concern. We’ll do our observations and devise a unique treatment plan that works best on you. Book an appointment now (9562090606) to embark on a journey to correcting misaligned teeth!



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