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Previously Covid Infected, YES or NO?

An Antibody Test Can Reveal If You Were Previously Covid Infected

What are Antigens?

Antigens are proteins that exist on the outer shell of the Corona virus.

What are Antibodies?

Antibodies are produced by the human body to counter the specific antigens of the Corona virus.

What does an Antibody Test reveal?

Detecting these antibodies in your body confirms if you have had a previous Corona infection.

Why should I take an Antibody Test?

Undergoing an Antibody Test gives you peace of mind.
  • If the result is positive, be assured that your body's immunity is in perfect order; you overcame Covid infection real strong. If the result is negative, strengthen your immunity with the right diet and medication.

  • A positive result signifies that you were asymptomatic when Covid infected; you defeated Corona, practice staying safe. If the result is negative, be cautious and safeguard yourself; follow Covid protocol stringently.

  • If the result is positive, you can consider delaying Vaccination by at least 3 months. If the result's negative, consider vaccinating yourself without any further delay.

Undergo an antibody test to know if you have had a COVID infection at some point of time.

Choose an Antibody Test

Qualitative Test: INR 499

Confirms previous infection.

Quantitative Test: INR 999

Gives an exact analysis of numerous parameters in relation to a previous infection.

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