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Do you have gaps between your teeth?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

gaps in teeth

Filling up an unattractive gap in between your teeth, especially between the front teeth, can have an immense effect on your overall appearance. You may be taking real good care of your teeth, however, there are still problems that can arise that are out of your control. A gap between teeth is one such problem that can also make you feel self-conscious. Making it more unlikely for you to smile as often as you should.

The good news is that there are several things that can be done to solve the problem and you don’t have to stay stuck with the gap between your teeth forever. Our dentists at 1 Health Medical Centre will be glad to discuss what options and treatments work best for you. But, what is the best solution for the gap between teeth? Let’s first have a look at what causes gap teeth and then consider what can be done to help.

Common causes for Gap Teeth

There are many different reasons for the presence of gaps between your teeth. Here are a few:

  • The size of the teeth and the jawbone are not perfectly matched.

  • Teeth are of an unusual size or are missing. This can result in other teeth moving in to compensate, resulting in gaps created at various places.

  • When a person swallows, the tongue presses against the front teeth. This may also result in the front teeth being pushed apart over time

  • A common cause amongst the children is sucking on the thumb, which causes the teeth to be pushed out of alignment.

  • Gum disease weakens the jaw bone, allowing the teeth to loosen and move.

These are a few common reasons why a tooth gap, also known as diastema can appear. Even if teeth gapping is something that doesn’t bother you much it is important to have the situation checked by a dentist. There may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed in order to prevent further damage to teeth.

Treating Gapped Teeth

There are various treatments available if you have larger than normal gaps between your teeth. It is advised for you to talk to our experienced dentists at 1 Health Medical Centre to see which treatment is the best choice for you.

Dental bonding:

This is an easy and quick fix for gap teeth. The dentist applies a resin to the teeth where there is a gap present. With the help of the application of light, the resin is set and it hardens to look very much like a natural tooth. This helps in closing the gap between your teeth so that your smile looks natural and even. The resin can later be removed from your mouth if need be.

The main advantage of dental bonding is that it can generally be done during a single visit to the dentist. However, this is not the ultimate solution, as the resin can chip and stain over time. Hence it is required for you to take really good care of the bond once it’s in place if you really want it to last as long as possible.


Some cases of gap teeth can be corrected by veneers. From the front of the tooth, a thin portion of enamel is removed and is replaced with a porcelain veneer. Veneers are long-lasting and tough and help to fill the gap between one tooth and the other. However, unlike dental bonding, these are permanent. Once fitted on your teeth, veneers are there for good as they replace the enamel and help in providing the protection to the tooth. This is why you have to be sure if this is the best choice of treatment option for you.

Orthodontic Treatment

Your dentist may suggest orthodontic treatment depending on how severe the gap problem is. This generally happens when other gaps are created in your mouth as a result of closing one large gap between teeth. Braces can be fitted in this case in order to align all teeth in the proper manner. However, this doesn’t imply that you’re stuck with having metal braces on your teeth. Here are a few interesting options that you can opt for.

  • Invisible Braces

  • Aligners that can be removed.

  • Hidden braces.

  • Clear aligners

In the case of orthodontic treatment for adults, it is advised that you discuss the options with your dentist. Our dental specialists at 1 Health will help you find which type of brace works best for you.

When compared to the fitting of veneers or dental bonding, orthodontic treatments take longer to complete. Having said that, it is also the most effective way to resolve serious issues regarding gapped teeth. Although you may have to put up with wearing a brace initially, in the long run, you will end up with a fixed smile that you can flaunt. As your teeth are aligned after the orthodontic treatment, it becomes easier to chew food.

Getting Treatment for Gap Teeth at the 1 Health Medical Centre

At the 1 Health Medical Centre, we take time to discuss with our patients’ different problems that can be caused because of gap teeth. Depending on which treatment option is the best solution and how severe the problem is, every discussion is different. Depending on individual preference, all of the above-mentioned options in this article can be the best treatment for gap teeth.

If you’re dealing with problems related to gap teeth, contact 1 Health Medical Centre for help (9562090606). Our dental experts will guide you at every step and also discuss with you the best options you have after carrying out a thorough examination.

So, stop worrying about having to cover your teeth the next time you have to smile in public. Allow our expert dentists to assess the situation, and work their magic that culminates in giving you the smile that you've always wished to flaunt!

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