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Do You Know That Children & Even Peds Sometimes May Need Extensive Pediatric Physiotherapy?

A Pediatric Physiotherapist Is a Specialist Who Utilizes Best Physiotherapy Techniques Especially Designed for Children Below 18 Years of Age!

It is a common myth that physiotherapy sessions can only be beneficial for adults and especially those who are recovering from any high-impact sports injuries. In some cases, teenagers and even newborn children might become a suitable candidate for undergoing extensive physiotherapy due to certain conditions arising due to developmental delays, accidental injuries, issues with bones and muscles, genetic causes, and even disorders involving the brain, nervous system, and spine. This is where the role of a specialist pediatric physiotherapist becomes extremely important.

How to Ascertain if Your Child Is a Good Candidate for Pediatric Physiotherapy?

A professional pediatric physiotherapist can help children of all age groups with some most common conditions as listed below:

  • Kids who are not able to achieve developmental milestones set for their age group.

  • Kids who have had an injury causing limitation in activity and function.

  • Kids who are a known case of Down syndrome.

  • Kids with signs of muscle weakness and balance issues.

  • Kids who are lacking in learning motor skills such as holding a pencil.

  • Kids who have lack of coordination and have difficulties with their ability to think and react to certain external physical stimuli.

  • Kids with a known neuromuscular condition such as cerebral palsy.

If unfortunately your child is in distress due to any injury or neuromuscular disorder causing limitation in mobility and function of your child, you should seek the services of an expert and trained pediatric physiotherapist.

How A Pediatric Physiotherapist Can Help Your Child In Distress?

A specialist pediatric physiotherapist can really help your child regain mobility, improve the overall range of motion, flexibility, and strength of your child by simply working on fixing the altered movement patterns. The main area of focus is to help your child learn how to move their body and when with absolute control and stability. They can really help your child’s condition simply by making their activities of daily living easier in the best possible manner.

What to Expect During a Physiotherapy Session?

Though the pediatric physical therapy sessions should look like fun, it’s not fun really. The physiotherapist will engage with your kid in a playful and age-appropriate manner that will seem like fun. They involve your child in some activities and games to improve your child’s gross motor skills while keeping your child happy and motivated. With support and supervision, your child will learn new things like how to walk properly with great balance and improved muscle coordination while getting involved in throwing, running, pushing, pulling, and jumping-type of activities. Certainly with time and effort, a good pediatric physiotherapist can really help your kid’s condition by opening the doors for him/her for a great fortune.

1Health Has A Specialized Panel of Highly Trained & Experienced Pediatric Physiotherapists On Board!

You should get in touch with any of our expert pediatric physiotherapists on board with us at 1Health to ensure opening the doors of fortune for your kid who seems to be in distress due to any such limitation in function while carrying out even daily routine activities.

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