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Does PRP Therapy Help in Treating Hair Loss?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

If premature hair loss is something that concerns you, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy may be something you might want to consider. Platelet-rich plasma therapy can enhance the thickness of your hair while also stimulating new hair growth. This procedure is minimally invasive and addresses the root cause of your hair loss, providing long-term results that improve continuously over time.

Certified specialist Dr. Neethu Rakesh, at 1 Health Medical Centre can

help you in evaluating your condition to determine if this innovative PRP treatment can help you.

Why you’re Losing Hair

There are many reasons that can cause thinning of hair and hair loss. It can be due to aging or hereditary reasons affecting your scalp or your entire body. Some of the other factors that can affect the growth and health of your hair include:

  • Certain medications

  • Hormone changes

  • Underlying medical conditions

While there are many different options for enhancing your appearance after hair loss, like using wigs or accessories, more effective ways that focus on addressing the root cause of hair loss like PRP therapy are seeing rapid adoption in today’s time.

How PRP Therapy Promotes Hair Growth

Platelet-rich plasma is present naturally in your blood. It contains 17 different growth factors that help in growing healthier, newer cells to replace damaged older ones. When used in hair loss treatments, PRP therapy helps in stimulating inactive hair cells, triggering the growth of new hair by reenergizing them. Our specialists at 1 Health Medical Centre, create a custom treatment plan for injecting PRP into specific areas of your scalp to provide the expected results.

How PRP is Extracted and Injected

The Platelet-rich plasma that would be used in your hair restoration treatments would come from your own blood. Our specialists will draw your blood into a special tube containing an ingredient that helps in activating the growth factors. Later, useful platelets are separated from the blood with the help of a centrifuge, before being injected into your scalp. The PRP containing a high concentration of growth factors is then injected into targeted areas of your scalp. To aid in the comfort of these injections, cold air is blown on the scalp by using a Zimmer chiller.

Benefits from Combining Treatments

You may also benefit from oral or topical medications, in addition to the PRP injections, to increase thickness and hair growth. In a few cases, Theradome® laser hair restoration system will be used to enhance your results, which can also be purchased for use at home. The Theradome system stimulates the stem cells of your hair follicles using laser light. The laser light accesses the stem cells by penetrating your scalp without damaging surrounding tissue. As there are many different ways in which the PRP injections and Theradome helmet work, we provide a package which combines these two treatments to get the best results.

A progress evaluation is usually done at 6 months after start of treatment. Once both the patient and the specialist are happy with the results, we would be using professional photography equipment every 3 months to continue monitoring and tracking for changes requiring additional PRP injections. The combination of PRP therapy, medications, and laser treatments can give you hair that’s healthy, thick and that lasts a long time.

If you’re looking for solutions to improve the appearance and health of your hair, try considering the many benefits of PRP therapy, especially of the benefits when combining it with other hair restoration treatments.

If you’d like to talk to or learn more from our experts, book an appointment at 1 Health Medical Centre and get started on your Hair Regrowth journey.

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