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Ligament Injuries To The Knee

What are Knee Ligaments?

Ligaments are the fibrous structures connecting one bone to another. The main function is to provide stability to the joint while allowing mobility.

The knee has four significant ligaments that determine its range of motion. Any Injury or damage to the ligaments can cause an unbalanced knee joint that may result in pain.

A healthy knee joint has an articular cartilage( soft tissue similar to the tip of your nose) lining the ends of the bones. They form a cushion between the bones helping to minimize friction and allows smooth movements.

While each ligament performs a specific function, they are all prone to injury. These are:

The Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL)

Function of MCL is to protect and provide stability to the inner aspect of the knee joint. It runs from the inner aspect of the tibia (shin bone) to the femur (thigh bone). MCL restrains the knee from bending inwards when a force is applied to the knee from outer aspect.

How can you tell if you've injured your MCL?

An MCL injury originates from the inside of a knee. You may experience a lurch, or make out a 'pop' sound instantaneously. Most of the patients encounter severe pain and notice swelling around the inner aspect side of a knee.

The recovery period of MCL injuries?

A person with MCL injury can walk with minimal pain if the grade of tear is mild or moderate . Time of recovery usually depends upon the intensity of MCL tear. On average, it takes between one to one & a half months for complete recovery in mild and moderate case.

Severe grade or Grade 3 tears require immediate medical attention.

Dr Rakesh Mohan of 1Health Medical Center is an expert orthopedic surgeon who can be consulted for ligament injuries to the knee. For booking an appointment, please call on 1Health's contact number.

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