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Like to Know How Cosmetic Dentistry can help you Look younger and also Boost Your Self Confidence?

Rather than focusing on the health and functioning of your smile, Cosmetic dentistry focuses on its appearance. It is more of a luxury than a necessity from the point of view of oral health, but cosmetic dentistry can have a substantial impact on your emotional and psychological wellbeing, and also boost your self-confidence. Here’s how.


Whether you agree or disagree, modern society is exceedingly appearance-conscious. Having said that, a beautiful smile definitely does make you look healthier, radiant, and youthful. Cosmetic dentistry can wipe off years from your appearance, making you feel secure and comfortable enough to flaunt that broad smile that you’ve kept locked away. As soon as you start acknowledging your attractiveness your self-confidence will naturally explode.

Social Life

We all know that humans are social creatures, research has also shown that social isolation can lead to anxiety and depression. Yet if you have an unattractive smile you might end up distancing yourself from strangers, friends, and even relatives. Cosmetic dentistry gives you the confidence to smile, talk, eat and laugh around others without worrying about having your teeth judged. As a result, you become more outgoing, attracting people to your new positive attitude. This gives you the confidence to be more outgoing and socialize more.

Career Benefits

Cosmetic dentistry gives you a winning smile that can be very powerful and definitely adds to your personality, whether you are applying for the job of your dreams, meeting an important client, or going for a promotion. When people hide their teeth behind a tight grin, it can put you across as someone who is untrustworthy and insincere. Whereas, someone with a wide smile has the opposite effect and is perceived as trustworthy, genuine, motivated, and loyal.

An authentic smile can be infectious. Your clients, as well as employer, will feel happier and also may be compelled to smile back

Overcoming Trauma

Cosmetic dentistry can help you heal a problematic smile which may be a birth defect or result of a traumatic occurrence, helping you to heal and reclaim your self-worth so that you can move past your trauma and embrace the future with a beautiful new you.

What you can Expect

Cosmetic dentistry procedures begin by analyzing your current smile in detail. Then a dentist or a specialist will sit down with you to understand your desires, needs, and end goals, and then start designing the smile you’ve always desired. Before going ahead with the makeover, any other underlying oral health issues must be treated first. Heads Up, the cosmetic specialist may recommend several procedures with healing time in between, depending on your treatment goals and existing smile. However, at the end of the procedure, our patients tell us that their new smiles were truly worth the investment.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are looking for highly individualized, compassionate, and cutting-edge dental care. Contact 1health or contact us on … (add hyperlink and phone number) to schedule your first appointment.

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