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Looking Forward To Inoculating Your Employees With A Covid Vaccine?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

1Health Medical Center Can Take Care Of Vaccinating Employees!

How many employees to inoculate?

It does not matter how many of your employees you would want to inoculate, we can fulfil any numbers of your employees’ inoculation requirements, and if need be, their family members' inoculation as well.

Where would you conduct the vaccination drive?

We can visit your premises and inoculate employees if the employee count is in the range of at least 50 numbers. For counts which are below 50, you could request your employees to visit our center and complete the inoculation.

What numbers of Covid inoculation can you handle?

Ideally we are equipped-with and capable of inoculating employees to the range of 1000 numbers, or more.

How many numbers of inoculation can you handle in a day?

If your employee strength is considerable, and you would like to achieve inoculation in the range of 500 numbers in a day, we are in a position to accommodate such a request.

What are the arrangements that are expected of the Corporate wanting to utilize 1Health's inoculation services?

For our on-site inoculation services, you may have to make certain arrangements at your premises, or at the place arranged for the conduction of the vaccination drive. This is basic infrastructure to facilitate smooth conduction of the drive. This will also ensure the comfort of our staff as well as yours during the drive.

The arrangements expected from your end are:

  1. Space to conduct the vaccination drive, preferably with an overhead roof.

  2. 1 table for registration, 1 table for doctor, 1 table for nursing staff.

  3. Preferably 1 cot with bed (optional).

  4. Enough chairs to seat inoculated employees during the observation period, and also for waiting employees awaiting vaccination.

  5. 3 or 4 computers if the count of employees being inoculated in a day is in the range of 500 numbers.

  6. You could arrange a personnel of yours to verify employees and documentation before they proceed to the registration desk.

Note: Employees should have already completed registration in the CoWIN app before arriving for inoculation.

How to reach 1Health?

For enquiries, please call on the number +91-95620 90606. Please visit our Contact page for our center's location.

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