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Planning For Laser Tattoo Removal? Here’s How Tattoo Removal can Help Boost Your Confidence

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Getting yourself inked always seems like a good idea at the time - but in cases when you grow tired of the artwork years down the line or your tattoo doesn’t turn out like you thought it would, you may start considering tattoo removal options around you. Although tattoos are touted as being permanent, the good news is that there are plenty of safe and legitimate options for tattoo removal.

When you start thinking about options for getting your tattoo removed, you may be wondering about how you could go about it safely. At 1 Health edical Centre, we specialize in effective and safe laser tattoo removal, with experts guiding you throughout the entire process.

Do Tattoos Boost Confidence?

You may have enjoyed a nice confidence boost when you first got your tattoo and also felt a sense of pride in the message your tattoo portrayed. Perhaps you may have even gone out of your way to show it off whenever possible. According to research conducted with more than 2000 college students in 2015, researchers actually found a correlation between self-esteem and tattoos. Especially, people who had more than three tattoos reported having higher self-esteem when compared to people with fewer or no tattoos.

Are Tattoos a Sign of Low Self-Esteem?

Over time, your beliefs and attitudes may have changed. You might feel differently now even if you once loved your tattoo(s). The tattoo that you once flaunted proudly, may now be a source of embarrassment for you. Although just having tattoos is far from a sign of self-confidence or low self-esteem, the reality is that a “dated” tattoo or a poorly done tattoo which a person regrets getting done can definitely impact their confidence.

Can Permanent Tattoos Be Removed?

Contrary to what the term implies, Yes, permanent tattoos can be removed. However, the removal method you choose is crucial as this should be considered keeping your tattoo, skin type, and your lifestyle in mind.

Some of the most common tattoo removal options are; The first utilizes a laser for hair removal, short bursts of high-intensity laser energy break through the skin and start absorbing the pigment of the tattoo until it’s no longer visible. Most of the time to achieve the best results, laser tattoo removal must be done in several sessions - but this could vary depending on the complexity of the case.

Another tattoo removal option is microdermabrasion, which generally involves removing the top layers of skin that contain the pigment. A method known as excision may also be considered for smaller tattoos. This process involves cutting the tattooed skin away literally and stitching the skin back together.

Can You Remove a Tattoo at Home?

If you’ve been researching about tattoo removal, you may have been targeted by ads for at-home removal options in the form of lotions or creams. However, none of these have been cleared or reviewed by the health authorities - so there is no guarantee that they are safe or if they even work. So it's better to keep distance from any at-home tattoo removal products, which could cause burning, scarring, skin rashes, and other undesired side effects. If you’ve made up your mind to get your tattoo removed, have it done by a professional.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Right For You?

The laser is a practical and viable option for many considering tattoo removal. Our specialist Dr. Neethu Rakesh has years of experience in helping people get rid of their tattoos and give them the “clean slate” they’ve been dreaming of. Using the innovative dual lasers, very short pulses of laser energy are delivered to the tattooed tissue with minimal discomfort and pain. These pulses help in breaking up the tattoo pigments in order to remove them effectively. At 1 Health Medical Centre we specialize in tattoo removal with the help of PicoWay laser and all of its available handpieces.

Benefits of Laser Tattoo Removal With 1 Health

Being industry leaders, we have the best treatment lasers that can remove almost any tattoo pigment with the least amount of discomfort and pain in each session. This is because while breaking up ink photo-acoustically for the best results, our innovative laser leaves less of a “heat footprint” than other lasers. We’re also able to provide topical or local anesthesia prior to treatment, to ensure your comfort during treatment. The best part about getting your tattoo removed by a professional at 1 Health Medical Centre is that laser tattoo removal performed by us will also not leave a scar.

What to Expect

If you’re thinking about getting laser tattoo removal at 1 Health Medical Centre,we would encourage you to start off with a quick 30-minute consultation at our office. This will give us a better understanding of how many treatment sessions you’ll need and explain to you what your treatment process would look like. Total tattoo removal typically takes between six and ten sessions. However, this also depends upon the colors that were used, location of your tattoo, and other factors that our specialist will discuss with you prior to treatment.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’d like to schedule your consultation with us or know more about our laser tattoo-removal services, contact 1 Health Medical Centre today (Phone Number). We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services

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