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What Are Common Tongue Problems, Their Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, & Treatment?

Your tongue might look very small, but it plays some important functions. It helps you identify different tastes as well as help you speak and even breathe properly. Any abnormal condition of your tongue may cause breathing and eating difficulties as well as bad breath symptoms. Generally, most people don't think much about their tongues very often, but the reality is that tongue problems are actually quite common. If you have a tongue problem, it may become difficult for you to speak, eat, or swallow. You may also have pain or burning, changes in taste, or bad breath. There are many different causes of tongue problems, including infections, allergies, and injuries. Some tongue problems are benign, while others can be more serious. If you think you may have a tongue problem, it is important to see your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment.

Common Signs of Tongue Problems!

The most common signs of tongue problems include pain and impacted ability of the person to taste different foods. Other signs are discoloration of your tongue, changes in its texture or appearance, and sometimes swelling. Severe signs include the impacted ability of the person to move his tongue making it really difficult for them to speak and eat properly.

Some Most Common Tongue Problems And Their Associated Symptoms:

  • Tongue Tie: This is a condition where the tongue is physically attached to the floor of the mouth. This can make it difficult to eat or speak. Your dentist may recommend surgery to correct this condition, but not much to bother as it is a simple, really quick, and painless procedure.

  • Burning Mouth Syndrome: This is a condition where the mouth feels like it is on fire. It can be extremely painful and often has no known cause. Some underlying conditions that may cause this condition include allergies, hormonal changes, nerve damage, or nutritional deficiencies.

  • Oral Thrush: This is a fungal infection that can occur in the mouth. It is characterized by white, fuzzy patches on the tongue and inside of the cheeks.

  • Glossitis: It is a common condition where your tongue swells abnormally and becomes painful generally because of coming in contact with certain pungent, highly spicy, or acidic foods.

  • Geographic Tongue: This is a condition where the tongue appears to have map-like patterns on it. It is harmless but can be a bit embarrassing.

  • Oral Cancer: Some types of oral cancers may develop a spot on your tongue, which are often painful making it difficult for you to move your tongue and may even disrupt your jaw movements.

1Health Experts Can Help You Diagnose & Treat Any Tongue Problems That May Be Bothering You!

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it's important to see a doctor or a professional dentist to get a proper diagnosis. 1Health Medical Center has professional dentists on board who are highly skilled and experienced in properly diagnosing and treating any type of tongue problems depending on your diagnosis. The center has world class facilities and has a very good reputation in Bangalore in providing the highest standards of quality care to all its patients.

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