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What Is Therapeutic Ultrasound, Its Uses, & Its Benefits?

Ultrasound is a widely popular imaging technique for its diagnostic usage especially during a pregnancy. But do you know that this technique is also used by many expert physical therapists for providing patients with some therapeutic pain relief who have a soft tissue injury such as muscle spasms and sprains. Ultrasound physical therapy is even used as a mode of effective treatment for many musculoskeletal disorders and also in reducing swelling of the ligaments, muscles, and joints.

How Therapeutic Ultrasound Works?

A therapeutic ultrasound probe is utilized to perform this type of therapy in which small amounts of electrical current is passed through the ultrasound probe containing crystals. This causes vibration of the probe thereby sending waves deep down through the skin into the affected tissues. These waves then transfer desired amounts of energy into the tissue for obtaining the optimum therapeutic effect. This technique is extremely effective because it can easily target the affected tissues and do not interfere or involve any nearby tissues. The effectiveness in providing pain relief to the targeted muscles depends upon the duration of the ultrasound physical therapy, intensity and frequency of the ultrasound probe, and the size of the affected area for which it is being performed.

Therapeutic Ultrasound Is of Two Types: Mechanical & Thermal!

In a thermal type of therapeutic ultrasound, the ultrasound probe delivers vibrations to the targeted tissues producing heat. This type of therapeutic ultrasound is used in the treatment of conditions such as soft tissue swelling and pain, skin problems, and even advanced conditions such as uterine fibroids and prostate cancer.

For mechanical ultrasound therapy, the waves delivered through affected tissue by the ultrasound probe creates a pressure differential between the targeted tissues thereby forming some bubbles. When such bubbles come in contact with solid particles of the tissue structures, these bubbles burst to release shockwaves. Such shockwaves are helpful in systematically breaking down solid objects such as kidney stones making it easier to be eliminated from the body.

Uses of Therapeutic Ultrasound!

Therapeutic ultrasound therapy is mainly used to relieve muscle and joint pains though there are many other conditions where it is found helpful. The heating effect from therapeutic ultrasound eases any muscle pain and tenderness, reduces inflammation and joint swelling, and expedites the healing process in the affected area by increasing the flow of lymphatic fluids reaching that area. Lymphatic fluid is mainly responsible for carrying white blood cells to promote local healing. It also helps the damaged tissues to fight against various infections.

Benefits of Therapeutic Ultrasound!

  • The therapy is simple to do and is more or less painless. You will not require any pain meds or local anesthetic for the procedure and can witness yourself the entire procedure while remaining awake.

  • It is free from any side effects and has no harmful effects either.

  • It is a great way to get rid of localized swelling, inflammation, and pain without many risks involved.

  • It is non-invasive and absolutely safer than other modalities of localized treatment.

Contact 1 Health’s Therapeutic Ultrasound Experts To Help Alleviate Any Pain That is Difficult to Go Away!

Ultrasound therapy yields best results when your therapist is vastly experienced and skilled in ultrasound techniques and how the energy is best utilized for providing maximum and safe benefits to the patient’s condition. 1 Health therapeutic ultrasound experts know this art very well, and you can trust their expertise and experience in this domain.

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