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10 Things That Can Affect Your Bone Health

1. Salty snacks

The more salt one consumes, the more calcium that gets expelled from the body. It needs to be understood that intake of salt beyond a moderate quantity can affect bone health. Try best to avoid foods that are high on salt content. The target is to keep salt consumption at a moderate quantity. Ideally 2300 milligrams of sodium in a day is good.

2. Hours of physical inactivity

Spending countless hours cuddling on your couch and watching television endlessly can turn out to be harmful for your bones. Likewise, people spending hours working away on their computer as part of their work are in a similar situation. Exercise makes your bones stronger; be sure to include strength and weight training as part of your workout session.

3. Cycling

If you are a cycling enthusiast, it is good to pedal to work. Cycling is good for your heart and lungs. But, it does not help your bones get stronger in any manner. Cycling does not help increase your bone density as does walking and running. If you cannot give up on cycling, do not forget to include activities like tennis, badminton, swimming, and so forth, in your routine. These kinds of activities do a great deal of good for your bones!

4. Too much of your time spent indoors

Staying indoors for too long and not getting enough sunlight can prove disastrous for your bones. Vitamin D is produced in your body only when you get exposed to the sun for a considerable duration of time. Of course, too much sun is bad too. But, not having any sun at all is worse still. Vitamin D production in your body is further affected by the color of your skin, your age, the time of the year, the place where you live, and so forth. Your usage of sunscreen too affects Vitamin D production.

5. Too much of alcohol intake

It may sound fun to down another peg when you are in the company of your friends. But, those extra doses of alcohol are actually affecting the health of your bones. Limiting the amount of alcohol you consume is the only way to keep bone loss in check. Alcohol is known to interfere in the way the body absorbs calcium.

6. Too much of cola fizz

Consuming too much cola-flavored soda is detrimental to your bones. While research is ongoing, it is believed that the phosphorus and caffeine content in the beverages is to blame for the bone loss. Another important point noticed is that bone damage aggravates when one prefers to have sodas by giving up on milk, and other drinks that have calcium in it. Yes, too much tea and coffee can prove harmful to your bone health.

7. Smoking

Too much cigarette smoking makes it difficult for your body to produce healthy bone tissue. The situation worsens if you are a frequent smoker. Smokers are also prone to bone breaks which take a longer period of time to heal. Quitting smoking helps you minimize these risks to your bones and will help improve your bone's health. However, the recovery period may be spread over many years.

8. Medication

Certain medications that you may be consuming over a long period of time may have a negative impact on your bone health. Anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-seizure drugs, and so forth are known to cause bone loss. Medications associated with medical conditions like Asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and so forth are not so bone friendly. Please consult with your orthopedist on a regular basis to ensure everything is fine.

9. Low body weight

If your BMI is 18.5 and lesser, then it is a sign of you being an underweight. People who are underweight have a greater chance of having a bone fracture, and are prone to bone loss. If you are underweight it is best that you consult with an orthopedist to chart out a plan to get back into good health.

10. A fall at the wrong age

You would have gotten back to your feet in a jiffy as a small child, when you tripped over something and fell. But, things will get worse if you are aged, and you have had a fall. A fracture in an older adult takes far more time to heal than in a youthful person. A fall injury may at times be the beginning of a decline that is really hard to recover from. As you age, ensure that you do not get involved in any nasty accident.

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