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How to Make Your Smile Cavity- Free With Fluoride ?

Do you know, there is an apocalypse going on in your mouth right at this moment, and there is only one superhero who is fighting for your cute smile? Fluoride, a superhero of your mouth that cares for your cavity-free smile.

Fluoride is one of the 13th most inexhaustible quantities of minerals on the earth's surface and therefore it's been called Mother Nature’s cavity warrior. However, fluoride does not survive singularly; it exists in its free state in nature.

Fluoride saves the outlying surface of your teeth called enamel, like a superhero does, by fighting the acid attacks which cause tooth corrosion.

If you're posing in a family photo, pouting doesn't seem to work when you can speak so much with just a laughing face. It is where the righteousness of ethical oral dental care becomes essential.

How often do you visit some of the best dental clinics in Bangalore for your oral dental care? The dentists always suggest using fluoride toothpaste, and hence you might be curious to know about your 24/7 battling superhero: what is fluoride and how fluoride preserves our teeth?

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride in the atmosphere, dirt, rocky mountains, drinking water, and fluoride-based kinds of toothpaste. Damage out of plaque leads to the disappearance of minerals, a condition known as demineralization. Fluoride is used to remineralize them.

Fluoride is furthermore capable of preventing early tooth decay. Fluoride is a chemical ion of fluorine at its very core. As we know, an ion is an atom that has a positive charge or a negative charge which assists the fusion of elements.

The cavity fights are initiated when fluoride, a negatively charged anion, encounters a positively charged cation.

Exactly How Fluoride Protects Our Teeth?

Fluoride can be swallowed or pertained to a particular surface area. Fluoride consumption has become so important that the US government has implemented water fluoridation programs to upsurge fluoride levels in water for the sake of oral health protection.

Fluoride works with the saliva to protect the enamel (the hard coating on your denticle) from sugary foods, along with biscuits, noodles, sweets, and sodas. Fluoride also helps to prevent plaque buildup.

Acid is produced by this type of food material. The acid attacks the outlying surface of your tooth, removing calcium and phosphate, leaving your teeth unguarded to decay and form cavities.

Here now, our superhero takes the grand entry with the aid of saliva. Saliva contains fluoride contents in it by the toothpaste you brush or water you drink. This, in turn, overcoats your teeth once again with calcium and phosphate.

When the food gets stuck on the enamel, the fluoride team works with the phosphate and calcium to build an impactful chemical defence system to battle against the cavity team, thereby forming fluorapatite(a resistance that prevents your smile).

What are the Benefits of Fluoride?

Fluoride reinforces the teeth in different ways for adults and children. First, when kids eat or drink water, fluoride is undertaken by the blood flow and helps in building permanent teeth.

Second, saliva consists of fluoride contents and protects teeth externally by reducing the effects of acid attacks. In addition, fluoride prevents sensitivity.

Just as each individual has a different body, so too does each individual have a unique set of dental needs. In order to ingest convenient amounts of fluoride, or even picking up the suitable toothpaste for your teeth, one must consult the best dentist in Bangalore or someone they genuinely trust.

In general benefits of Fluoride:

● Remineralization of teeth.

● Reveals Sensitivity.

● Removal of acid attacks.

● Breaks down the plaque.

How to Make Use of Fluoride Daily:

● Brush your teeth at least doubly a day, use a toothpaste prescribed by the best dentist you know, or that has an ADA seal.

● Pick up a toothpaste that has a green colour code or green colour mark at the bottom of it.

● Pick among the several oral dental types of mouthwash that are available in the market, or also called fluoride-rich products.

● Drink 0.07 milligrams of fluoride per single liter of water(Recommended by Department of Health and Human Services).

So, how will you get a concentrated dose of fluoride? Make an appointment with some of the best dentists in Bangalore next time you need one. I hope you never get a cavity and you succumb broad smile in family pictures.

Dr Neethu Rakesh is an aesthetic dentist and has expertise in correcting dental problems that's affecting one's smile.


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