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Understanding Digital Dentures in the Digital Age

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

According to research conducted by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, around 31% of people over the age of 75 and almost 24% of people between the ages of 65-74 are edentulous (lacking teeth), and therefore are in need of replacing all their teeth. Most of them choose to replace their teeth with dentures.

You might have thought of what a dental replacement is and isn't, and what the process is for making and delivering a denture. While a few patients struggle with adjusting to dentures, others have comfortably worn the same pair for more than 30 years. Nonetheless, at whatever point another pair is required, both the groups understand that it may be a lengthy process in getting to the final prosthesis. To combat this, Digital dentures have been introduced that takes fewer steps and creates a more predictable denture, giving you a better product while also saving you time between appointments

What Are Digital Dentures?

Dentures that are created using a wide array of data with an entirely digital process are known as Digital dentures. By utilizing digital scans of the impressions/bites, photographs, and a 3D smartphone facial scan, a denture that is easily adjusted by a computer is produced by merging that information with a proposed denture design.

Advantages of Digital Dentures

Fewer Appointments

While conventional dentures require five appointments namely; Preliminary impression, Final (In-depth) impression, Wax bite, Wax tooth aesthetic try-in, Final delivery of the finished product. On the other hand, depending on the situation, digital dentures can be made in just 2-3 appointments. Fewer visits to the dentist are the results of increased efficiency with a digital approach. This is really helpful for people who have difficulty getting to and back from our clinic, including patients who are in nursing facilities, or are wheelchair-bound, or those just looking to replace their teeth faster.

Certain aspects of your current denture set can also be reproduced with the help of these digital dentures solutions. A scan of the denture itself along with a reline of the old dentures can be used to duplicate a new, more fitting denture that improves on the old set or duplicates the same aesthetics

Receive More Predictable Results

Dentures are artistic and scientific prosthesis. The traditional fabrication process of the denture forces the dentist to incorporate various pieces of data via a partially subjective viewpoint with the help of research-backed processes as a reference. This can result in different dentists making the same denture differently.

To reduce this, digital dentures extract and use a wide range of data with the help of digital scans, photos, and 3D imaging. This information is later combined with a pre-decided denture design to produce a denture that can be easily adjusted by a computer. Compared to the set moulds of denture tooth companies, digital dentures also offer a wider array of tooth shape selections, leading to a more customized product.

Achieve a Better Dentures Fit

Wax is converted into acrylic to make conventional dentures. This process can result in the shrinking of the denture, although slightly, may not be as retentive and may require additional adjustments. An additional problem with acrylic dentures is depending on how it is handled, can lead to a residual chemical called monomer which causes irritation to some patients.

These digital dentures have regular ribbed markings on the edge from fully processed pucks of acrylic, which means they have reduced residual monomer and superior strength. These milled dentures are highly accurate and can also be 3D printed, reducing the amount of waste produced.

Creates a Digital Library for Remakes

Digital dentistry has many amazing advantages, but the one that stands out is the ability to reproduce dentures without the need for additional appointments. If you lost your conventional denture it would take nearly four to six weeks or five appointments to get your denture completed. In the case of digital dentures, new dentures can be reprinted or remilled in as little as one appointment as the digital files are saved on the computer

Wondering if Digital Dentures are the Right Option for You?

Digital denture solutions come in many varieties. At 1 Health Medical Centre, we pride ourselves in helping hundreds of patients in getting their smiles back!! We offer consultation to help you pick a unique treatment plan that works for you. Book an appointment now (9562090606) to get on the Digital Denture hype train.

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