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4 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Paediatric Dentist in Bangalore

Everybody prefers the best, when it comes down to a child’s health. Similar is the case while choosing a dentist for your child when he/she is all set for their first dental visit. Oral health is a crucial aspect of any child’s growth and teeth are regarded as a major developmental milestone in a child’s growth. A dentist who specialises in dental care for children is known as a paediatric dentist. Choosing the best dentist for kids may be an inconvenience. Here are a few things that you must consider before choosing the right dentist for your kid.


To begin with, you can take advice from your friends or relatives. Try enquiring about the recent dental visits of their kids, ask them questions like; how their experience was? How was the environment? Was their kid comfortable there? Know about the dentist’s overall behaviour towards the child, experience, and qualifications. All this information gathering will put you on a better path of choosing the best dentist for your child.

2. Experience with Children

There are many dentists present out there, but the main difference they have is their experience. The paediatric dentist is required to know the child’s health care needs, behaviour, and psychology. All these come with practice and experience. You need to look for paediatric dentists who have completed courses like child psychology, pharmacology and child development, for them to handle your kid better.

3.Services Provided

Nowadays there are many children playing out there with decayed teeth in their mouths. All these decays and cavities can be spotted and even treated on time by making regular dental appointments at least every six months. The dentist can help in spotting the main problems in your child’s mouth before it turns into something bigger or causes more harm. Getting teeth regularly cleaned will help you get rid of tartar formation which often results in tooth decay.

4.Reputation & Proximity

Be thorough with the client’s reviews before finalising a dentist of your choice. Don’t forget to read the comments about the dentist as well as the treatment and even check the dentist’s website. Try looking for a dentist who has a strong and good reputation. Another important aspect to consider is the distance. It would be a hassle if the dental clinic is way too far from where you live or work. Try finding clinics that are near your office, your kid’s school or your home. Here are some tips to prepare your child to visit the dentist.

We all already know that kids usually have their baby teeth phase almost till their sixth birthday and later the permanent ones start popping out one by one. All the baby teeth will eventually be replaced by adult teeth by the time the children reach 12 years of age. During this time, you must take care of your child’s oral health. Although choosing a dentist may be tough sometimes, it is necessary to find the correct one. At the 1 Health Medical Centre, our paediatric dentist has enough expertise handling children and treating their dental problems. The dentist knows the right means of keeping the child at ease during the treatment phase. Please contact 1 Health Medical Centre on the number 9880950950 to book an appointment. Our paediatric dental experts will carry out a thorough examination and will guide you on the next course of action that needs to be taken to correct your child’s dental problem.



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