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5 Tooth Disorders That Can Affect Your Smile!

A beautiful smile is one of the most important things one can wear. Many people take this curve to set the record straight as it all starts just from a simple yet beautiful smile that one can adore. It is a sign of happiness, love, and affection, and it has the potential to establish an immediate connection with the people you are meeting for the first time. It also symbolizes good dental health. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with those perfect looking teeth. There are many different types of tooth disorders that can impact one's smile. Before we discuss the 5 tooth disorders that can affect your smile, let us first understand the anatomy of the teeth & its importance.

Teeth Provide Shape and Symmetry to the Face and Affect One’s Smile!

Apart from providing shape and symmetry to the face and your smile, teeth are necessary to do various functions such as speaking and also breaking up the solid food. Teeth are also considered as the entry point of the human digestive system. There are 32 teeth in total in a normal human being which all consist of very stiff bone like material. A tooth is made up of four parts:

●Tooth Enamel – The outermost hardest surface layer.

●The 2nd layer right under the enamel is called dentin.

●The 3rd layer is called cementum that surrounds the root to keep your tooth firmly in place.

●The 4th layer is known as pulp in the center of the tooth that is made of soft connective tissue containing nerves and blood capillaries.

5 Tooth Disorders That Can Affect Your Smile!

There are many different types of tooth disorders that can affect both children and adults. Let us discuss the most common tooth disorders that can affect your smile which include:

1. Damage to Enamel or Tooth decay – It can lead to the formation of cavities or holes in your teeth. These can be very painful and can greatly impact your smile by making it look less than perfect.

2. Tooth Abscess – It is formation of a very painful pocket in the center of the tooth which is often filled with pus; generally caused by a bacterial infection.

3. Tooth Impaction – It is when there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to erupt through the gums causing tooth impaction.

4. Misaligned Teeth – It is the most common tooth disorder found in children where teeth from upper and lower jaws are misaligned causing discrepancies in tooth and jaw size.

5. Chipped Tooth – It is a condition caused by accidental damage or injury chipping off a portion of your tooth, especially to the front teeth which may greatly impact your smile.

Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Tooth disorders!

The common symptoms of tooth disorders may vary from person to person depending on the condition and include pain, change in shape or color of the teeth, or broken teeth due to injury. The main cause for the most common tooth disorders is due to poor dental hygiene apart from any accidental injury or you may have been born with the condition.

You Must Seek Professional Help for the Treatment of Any Such Tooth Disorders!

If you have a tooth condition that is impacting your smile, you must seek help from the top most group of professional dentists such as 1Health who are experts in identifying the problem and making a perfect diagnosis, outlining the best treatment plan, offering you the best professional advice on ways to improve your dental hygiene, and do the necessary dental work if absolutely needed. They can surely help you get your beautiful smile back on track.

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