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Diabetes and Foot Care Must Go Hand-in-Hand!

If you are a diabetic, it is very significant to take proper care of your lovely feet. Mentioned underneath are the ten most potent ways of doing that:

  1. Prevent blood sugar spikes. High blood sugar can damage your feet, so it's important to keep it under control. Regularly monitoring your blood sugar levels and keeping them under control will help reduce the risk of foot problems.

  2. Check your feet daily. Be sure to look for cuts, bruises, blisters, redness, swelling, or some other problems & signs of irritation.

  3. Protect your feet from any injuries. Wear shoes that fit well and protect your feet from sharp objects or hot surfaces. Wear shoes at all times, even indoors. Avoid walking barefoot, and don't go barefoot in public places.

  4. Get assistance in case of any problems or queries. Never insist on handling everything by yourself. If you are having trouble caring for your feet, seek out the help of a healthcare professional. Do not hesitate to reach out for some professional intervention.

  5. Protect your feet from temperature extremes. Hot or cold weather can be tough on your feet, so be sure to take precautions. Wear socks and shoes in the winter and avoid walking barefoot in the summer. Remember, hot or cold weather can be dangerous for your feet, so take care to protect them accordingly.

  6. Do not use heating pads or electric blankets on your feet. This can possibly lead to burns or other injuries. So, it is ideal to completely refrain from using them.

  7. Wear shoes at beaches & hot pavements. Hot surfaces can burn your feet, so always wear shoes when walking on them.

  8. Wash your feet in lukewarm water with mild soap. Hot water can dry out your skin and make it more prone to injury. Hot water can damage your skin, so stick to lukewarm water when washing your feet.

  9. Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Very tight or very loose foot wear can lead to certain problems. Ensure wearing only well-fitted shoes that support your feet fully. Ill-fitting shoes can cause problems like blisters, so it is very important to wear shoes that fit well.

  10. Avoid seamed socks or stockings and trim toenails regularly. Seams can irritate your skin, so it is best to avoid them. Trim your toenails frequently and never keep them long.

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