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Importance of Oral health: A Peak Into Your Overall Oral Health

From time to time your oral health provides you with hints that may point to problems you may have in your mouth, or even your overall health. This blog attempts to explain how your oral health and overall health are connected.

Understanding the connection between overall health and oral health

Your mouth is full of bacteria just like other areas of the body — although they don’t cause much harm. But it is important to understand that your mouth is the doorway to your respiratory and digestive tracts, and few bacteria that happen to pass through could lead to diseases.

Usually maintaining good oral health through flossing and daily brushing teams up with the body's natural defenses to help in keeping the harmful effects of bacteria under control. Nonetheless, failing to follow the right oral hygiene could help bacteria spread, and also result in oral infections, like gum disease and tooth decay.

Specific medications could also reduce the production and flow of saliva. Saliva plays an important role in neutralising acids that are a result of bacteria in the mouth and also helps in washing away food, in turn protecting you from different kinds of microbes that could easily multiply and eventually lead to a variety of diseases.

According to many studies, suffering from inflammation caused by a type of gum disease or even some kind of oral bacteria could be the reason behind some diseases. Diseases like HIV/AIDS and diabetes, reduce the body's immunity therefore reducing its resistance to any kind of infection.

Oral health can lead to Conditions like

Your oral health could be the reason behind a variety of conditions and diseases, including:

Cardiovascular disease. Although there is no solid evidence behind this connection, according to few studies, stroke, clogged arteries, and heart disease could be linked to the infections that are the result of oral bacteria.

Endocarditis. This type of infection affects the inner lining of your heart valves, and is generally the result of bacteria from another part of your body, like your mouth, spreading through your bloodstream and eventually attaching to a particular location in your heart.

Pneumonia. Specific bacteria that is present in your mouth could get sucked into your lungs, leading to diseases like pneumonia and several other respiratory diseases.

Birth and Pregnancy complications. Periodontitis has also been stated as the possible cause of low birth weight and premature birth.

There are specific conditions that could have an affect on your oral health include:

Osteoporosis. The cause of this bone-weakening disease has been traced back to periodontal tooth loss and bone loss. Specific drugs that are used in the treatment of osteoporosis come along with a risk of causing harm to your jaw bones.

Diabetes. By decreasing the body's immunity against any kind of infection, diabetes is a major risk to your gums. Diseases that are associated with the gum tend to appear more frequently in people dealing with diabetes.

Alzheimer's disease. With progression in Alzheimer's disease, oral health seems to worsen

HIV/AIDS. Oral problems, like mucosal lesions, is something that is commonly seen among people dealing with HIV/AIDS.

Some of the other conditions that could be traced back to oral health are specific types of cancers, eating disorders, an immune system disorder that results in dry mouth , and in some cases even leads to rheumatoid arthritis.

Tips to protect oral health

In order to avoid issues relating to oral health, it is important to follow good oral hygiene on a daily basis.

● Try to brush your teeth a minimum of two times daily for at least two minutes by using a fluoride toothpaste along with a brush having soft-bristles.

● Try replacing your toothbrush on a regular basis (at least once in 2 months), or even sooner if bristles get worn away.

● Floss everyday without fail.

● Plan for regular dental cleanings and checkups.

● After eating, flossing and brushing always use a mouthwash in order to remove food particles that may be left.

● Reduce or even completely stop using sugary drinks and food and choose a healthy diet instead.

● Avoid using any form of tobacco.

At 1 Health Medical Centre, our dentists spend time discussing with patrons the different problems and difficulties that can arise because of bad oral health. Depending on which treatment option works best for you, the right one will be chosen in accordance.

If you’ve been dealing with issues related to oral health, please contact 1 Health Medical Centre on the number +91 9562090606 to book an appointment. Our dental experts will carry out a thorough examination and will guide you on the next course of action that needs to be taken to correct your dental problem.

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